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mindset coaching

Climbers being climbers... always want to climb harder. Mental training is asking the question, "What is stopping you from climbing harder?"

Mindset coaching is a conversation-based coaching. Our goal is to figure out what are the limiting beliefs and mental blocks which are lessening your climbing experience.

Identifying what stands in a way of realizing your true potential as a climber is the first and crucial step towards mastery. With the help of various drills and exercises we continue from there, learning to:

  • Improve your relationship with stress

  • Navigate discomfort

  • Focus more effectively

  • Appreciate the process

  • Make appropriate risk decisions

  • Commit more deliberately

Coaching sessions are in a form of remote/online video call duration of 1h. Price of one session is 50e.

If you are ready to dive in and try hard, please contact me for further arrangements 



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