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The Warrior's Way ®  trainer
Sport Psychology and Coaching, NHA 
Sport climbing instructor, NKBV

Tijana is a passionate climber and a rock lover herself. After encountering some difficulties at the beginning of her climbing career, she reached out for help to The Warrior's Way and the new love was born.

"Mental training for climbing, the psychology of this beautiful sport, goes very deep. It is so intricate and interwoven into all aspects of our lives. It's like a door to an endless source of information. It doesn't stop giving, so it's impossible not to keep being curious and keep learning."

After taking time to work on improving her own head game, Tijana has decided that helping others is the next logical step. "There were times when I attached my self worth to an outcome so much, that I fully forgot why I loved climbing. Joy and drive can coexist. People tend to forget that sometimes."

"Trying hard is what I love the most about climbing. Finding this optimal zone of challenge, where we get out of our comfort zone but don't push too far into frustration or fear, can be really heavy, especially on the mind. But this is where we learn and where we improve, so I would love to help others in finding out where that is and how to get there."

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