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This course can no longer be booked.

Between the Lines Course

4 sessions of 1h Capacity: 6

  • Ended
  • 120 euro
  • Klimhal Stadsmuur, Nijmegen

Course description

Welcome to the mind of a climber, the things that happen between the moves, between the climbs and between the goals and dreams. Knowing more about our psychology can help us improve our experience, and so our performance. I would like to share with you some important concepts and tools which can set you up on your way to better understand your mind, and yourself as a climber. We will work on: • Self-awareness – What are the things we do actually? Why do we do them? What do we want to change? What helps us and what stands in the way? • Attention – Attention is our superpower! Learning to deliberately commit our attention to a task is the only way to optimal performance. • Goal setting and motivation – Setting goals is something that almost everyone does. How to do it so that our goals motivate us and not put us down is a different skill. • Self-efficacy and confidence – How we see ourselves and our place in the world (of climbing) has a big impact on our experiences and our success. We will meet four times in person and I will offer you an ongoing support between the sessions.

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